Bereavement Financial Advice

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Losing a loved one due to death or finding yourself single from a divorce is usually a very difficult time in a person’s life.  Mike the owner of Westerman Financial Services is the 10th of 12 children and has plenty of experience with both situations.  His dad and his parent in-laws have passed away and he has several siblings that have been through divorce as well as many of his clients have been in a similar situation.  We help gather the assets that are rightfully yours in a timely and tax efficient way, so you can take the time to grieve and/or get on to your normal life as soon as possible.

Adjusting to Life Financially after a Death or Divorce
There is no doubt about it – this can be an emotionally trying time.  Making funeral arrangements, keeping all the beneficiaries happy, ironing out a divorce settlement, attending various court hearings, and dealing with competing attorneys can all weigh heavily on the parties involved.

In addition to the emotional impact a death or divorce can have, it is important to be aware of how your financial position will be impacted.  Now more than ever you need to make sure that your finances are on the right track.