Kathy's Story

Early Life



Kathy was born and raised an Oklahoma girl. She grew up in Morris, OK, in the country, playing in creeks, raising animals, and driving a tractor to help on the farm with her mom and dad and two sisters. Anyone who grew up on a farm knows it’s a lot of hard work and everyone needs to work together to make sure things get done right.

Through the Years


She obtained a degree as a certified medical assistant from Tulsa Vo tech then moved to Tulsa and worked as a rotating medical assistant in many different departments. After eight years she received the opportunity to work at Blue Cross and Blue Shield where she got firsthand knowledge of Obamacare.

She and her husband of 25 years have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren, four of whom have been adopted into her family.



Kathy family


Kathy found her way to Westerman Financial Services by visiting with Mike about rolling over her 401(k)s, and then again when her mom and dad had questions about their Medicare Supplemental policies. Not only did she get the answers she was looking for, but she left with a job as the local health insurance agent in the office.

Kathy feels she has come full circle with her past to be where God had intended her to be.