Retirement Planning

In the past, we used an atlas to be sure we were on the right path to our destination, now we use Google Maps.  When it come to retirement a wise person should use a financial plan to get to their retirement destination.

At Westerman Financial Services they don’t want to guess if you will make it to and through retirement they want to have documented support.  A good financial plan will look at your current assets, income and bills, then run many different scenarios to see when and how well you will be able to retire.  Don’t make your retirement a guessing game, make sure you are on the right path with a quality financial plan.

401(k) Rollover
More than 80% of Westerman Financial Services business is retirement accounts.  They know the right way to keep you from penalties and taxes when rolling over your money.

If you have a retirement account at a previous employer, you should look at the pros and cons of moving it to your own IRA account or leaving it at that previous employer.  The people at Westerman Financial Services will discuss your options and if rolling over the old plan is in your best interest, they will take the guess work out of your decisions

Deciding on which type of IRA to invest in depends on each person’s specific needs and desires, as well as what that person qualifies for.  Traditional IRAs allow your money to grow tax-deferred and Roth IRAs allow your money to grow tax-free as long as you abide by the IRS rules.  Both have their own qualifying rules so at Westerman Financial Services they ask several questions before opening an account, they want to help you make the best decision for you.