When to Reach Out



     Mike Westerman
     Financial Consultant/Owner

     [email protected]
     (918) 401-9100

     To learn more, please see Mike's story.

I am very grateful that you have decided to put your trust in us for your financial well-being. We do not take that lightly, so if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

When you have a life-changing circumstance, I want to be someone you can count on to give you quality advice. So please call me when one of the following happen and I’ll be happy to help:

  • You retire or change jobs – retirement rollover.
  • You get divorced and need to split assets.
  • You lose a loved one due to death and are to inherit assets.
  • You need to change or review your life insurance.
  • You are concerned about long-term care expenses.
  • You are needing Medicare Supplemental Insurance or price shopping.
  • You are concerned with your investments and need to talk.
  • You have money earning nothing or close to nothing and you are looking for ideas.

Basically, if you have a question about anything that has to do with money, give me a call. If I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I know someone who does.



    Candace Peckham
    Client Service Administrator

    [email protected]
    (918) 401-9100

    To learn more, please see Candace's story.

I want to thank you for choosing to work with us. It is my job to be sure that you are taken care of with any of your client service needs. If you have any of the following issues, please contact me:

  • To schedule an appointment to speak with Mike
  • Need money out of your account
  • Have not received your money when you thought you would
  • Need to change bank information for money movement
  • Account value look-up
  • Reset your password or login help
  • Address, phone number, or e-mail change
  • Need a copy of a statement or tax document
  • Need to drop off paperwork
  • Need to deposit more money
  • Need to change beneficiaries

I will do my best to work efficiently and quickly.